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Decades of Experience & Care

Dip 'N' Strip/ Gregg's Furniture Repair treats every piece of furniture like it's our own. We understand that some of these pieces might be family heirlooms which require extensive knowledge of proper woodworking techniques. You can trust Dip 'N' Strip/ Gregg's Furniture Repair to bring your furniture back to life. We can even duplicate missing or broken parts on your furniture. Call 847-308-8414 today to schedule an appointment.

Our Services


Furniture Refinishing & Stripping

Refinishing includes stripping, sanding, staining, sealing, filling, toning and lacquering. We can also match just about any color and remove varnish and paint from all wood furniture and most metal furniture.

Furniture Repairs & Touch Up

If your furniture is broken, Dip 'N' Strip/ Gregg's Furniture Repair has what it takes to fix it. This includes veneer patching or replacing as well as custom molding or carving. Spindle work is available too.
Carpenter Using Circular Saw in Workshop — Furniture Repair in Round Lake Beach, IL
Touch ups can be done onsite or in our shop. Simple furniture touch ups include filling dents, gouges, crushed corners, water marks/rings and more. We will also remove minor scratches and restore lacquer sheen.

Furniture Restoration & Part Duplication

If you have antique furniture, restoring it is an art form that requires special attention. We work tirelessly to restore antique furniture back to its original state in order to keep the quality and value intact. Even if you have a specially designed part that has been damaged, we can duplicate it and make it look like the original piece.

Cabinet & Wood Floor Repair

Just because it's not made to sit or eat on doesn't mean Dip 'N' Strip/ Gregg's Furniture Repair can't repair it. We provide kitchen or bathroom cabinet repair that includes touch up, refinishing, or any of our other furniture repair services, call 847-308-8414.
We touch up wood floors too. Repair your wood floors while also increasing the value of your home by having your floors look like new again.
Modern Kitchen — Furniture Repair in Round Lake Beach, IL

Office Maintenance Program

We have many programs available for bulk furniture repair which include cleaning, touch up, water ring removal, dent and scratch removal, and more. Call 847-308-8414 for more information on office maintenance packages.

Brass & Copper Polishing

Over time metal knobs, pulls, and handles get tarnished and look dull. Luckily Dip 'N' Strip/ Gregg's Furniture Repair can polish brass and copper parts to give back their shine. Don't forget about our brass, copper, and nickel plating service too.